Monday, July 19, 2010

TCC010| Arches- C20

Unsure of what lay before them, a few young men searching for reassurance headed into a church to explore the negative space floating above. What came out of the sessions is a C20 reimagining summer as a self-reflective purgatorial state, where everything slowed to a near-pause before life once again took over. Arches have been mining this lucid reflective state for a minute, examining the ins-and-outs of everyday life like molecular biologists searching for fractal bacteria under a microscope. What emerges is a sound that feels like opening a yearbook a year after you got it, and wondering what happened to all the faces you used to see wandering the halls daily. Some are forgotten, others etched into nooks of the mind.

Stream the tape here.

Arches- C20- TCC010 (two different covers)
Side A: Comin' Back Again, Wide Awake
Side B: Golden Rye, It Won't Take Long



  1. yep

  2. Seems to be streaming only at the bandcamp site. Is there anywhere to purchase the digital files?