Friday, January 21, 2011

TCC016: Airbird/Megafortress Split

Airbird/Megafortress C30 Split - TCC016
****art by Megazord****

Old skool buds team up to populate this C30 chromatic tape in various synthetic forms.

Airbird (aka Joel Ford of Games) brings big beats and piano house over transposed vox on jams like "Part of the Game" and "King for the Night", while "Somewhere in a Field" dwells in galactic gurgles and satellite field recordings. It's all encompassing, and I didn't even mention that he also tries on the Beach Boys "Surfer Girl." Airbird going H.A.M right now. #watchout

Listen to "Part of the Game"

Side B is a mythic region inhabited solely by Bill Gillim, the lone proprietor of the Megafortress. Over four movements, Gillim zones in on the internal chaos, harvesting tones from a DX-7 in the midst of the night. "Allelujah" is a hybrid journey into a prophetic digital gospel, while "Mega Fortress IV" showcases Gillim's way with an EWI and VE-20. Pretty much just waiting for Kanye to jack a Megafortress vox samp at this point. Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen his video for Freedom From Fear, watch it now. It's not on the tape, but it's striking, and an excellent example of where Megafortress is heading...I think?

Out of Print

TCC015 Flower Orgy

Flower Orgy- TCC015- C30 $7US/11INTL (includes Shipping)

Supremely damaged hippie folk from Redhook's Flower Orgy, a fried concoction blended to distressed warmth over a few months on the southern tip of BK. The 4-some retreated to the woods of VT this past autumn and tracked this off-handed tape– a travellogue from a lost (or…found?) weekend in the woods. First release by this shambolic singers who meandered out of Bennington, VT a 'lil while back, includes an outstretched cover of Exuma's "22nd Century." Take a listen below.

Flower Orgy play tomorrow at Silent Barn where they will have a couple copies for sale.